pnina tornai wedding dress 2021

P by Pnina Tornai 2021 Wedding Dresses

The P by Pnina Tornai 2021 wedding dresses are romantic with gorgeous lace and tulle mermaid and A-line gowns to flatter any bride.

The name of the collection is described as – P for Pose, P for Pink, P for Perfect, P for Passion, P for Peaceful, P for Playful, P for Partnership, P for Patchouli, P for Priceless, P for Plus-one, P for Presence, P for Power, P for Pride, P for Pleasure, P for Pure, P for Precious, P for Party, P for Princess, P for Pretty, P for Peonies, P for Particular, P for People, P for Picture, P for Performance, P for Pop, P for Paradise…P for Pnina Tornai.

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