Wedding Dresses

  • Zuhair Murad Spring 2023 Wedding Dresses

    For the Spring 2023 season, the Zuhair Murad bride consecrates the nuptials of fantasy and reality drawn from the cosmos. Her eyes closed, she envisions her gown with a thousand reflections. A sundry of images scroll past…

  • Milla Nova It Begins – White & Lace Bridal

    The release of the new Milla Nova White & Lace wedding dress collection – “It Begins”, marks a new stage for the well known bridal brand.

  • elie saab 2022 wedding dress princess tulle ball gown

    Elie Saab Spring 2022 Wedding Dresses

    The Elie Saab Bridal Spring 2022 collection embraces the unique feminine expressions of all brides with a radiant collection that embodies glamour, grace and allure. Each signature gown moves to it’s own rhythm and is dedicated to the lovely and poised bride wanting to indulge in her special moment.

  • Blue by Enzoani 2022 Wedding Dresses

    Calling all soft glam lovers. Looking for that ultra-romantic fairytale bridal look? Then this collection is meant to be… 2022 Blue by Enzoani is bringing enchanted vibes to bridal.

  • Nicole Milano Couture 2022 Origin of Love

    The glittering stars and the shining heavens have inspired a bright and glamorous new Nicole Milano couture 2022 collection “for the bride who dreams of a beautiful, evanescent dress, like starlight.” The gowns in this collection light up with shiny floral prints, beaded and embroidered and used as appliqués, creating a glamorous, three-dimensional effect for contemporary romanticism.

  • Zuhair Murad Fall 2022 Wedding Dresses

    Dear to women’s hearts and captivating with its radiance, the timeless diamond inspired Zuhair Murad 2022 Fall bridal collection is contemporary and vibrant, luminous with a thousand lights. Born since the dawn of time, the diamond is the embodiment of love’s beginning, granting fortune to all those who wear it and sparking imagination with its sheer regency.

  • Vera Wang Bride 2022 Wedding Dresses

    Step into an alluring collection of high fashion bridal. Vera Wang Bride is about a girl who is fearless and has her own sense of self. “This collection expresses a certain charm, sensuality, artistry and emotion, all of which belong to our DNA,” Vera Wang.

  • Élysée Bridal 2022 Wedding Dresses

    Élysée bridal is inspired by the harmony and balance of Neoclassical art and architecture and uses modern silhouettes to accentuate the figure and contour the shape of the body. The name is derived from the ancient Greek word Elysium, meaning a place or state of perfect happiness.

  • Ivoire by Kitty Chen 2022 Wedding Dresses

    The Ivoire by Kitty Chen 2022 bridal collection features stunning boho lace gowns in flattering mermaid and A-line silhouettes. Always keeping the end goal of ‘the perfect dress’ in the front of her mind, Kitty’s attention to detail and her skill at combining fabrics, laces, silhouettes and colors have set her apart from the competition.

  • Milla Nova 2022 Olives, Greece, Love Bridal

    The perfect wedding dress has a simple formula. By seeking inspiration in our travels, nature, and emotions, a dress can be created that is eye-catching yet comfy and highlights the natural beauty of the girl in it. Inspired by the astonishing beauty of Greece, the Milla Nova 2022 Olives, Greece, Love collection was created, made to match the free spirit, beauty and class of the wearer.

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