georges hobeika wedding dress 2022

Georges Hobeika 2022 The Color of Time Bridal

The new Spring-Summer 2022 wedding dress collection by Georges Hobeika captures the essence of time. The immortality of love – illuminated by old 1920s photographs – reflects on a myriad of enchanting dresses that reveal the immense expanse of the couturier’s stylistic language and the prodigious skill of his workshops.

Expressing deep and authentic impressions, the sepia that characterizes the staples of yesteryear happily blooms on precious and light fabrics, while beige, silver, gold, and gray give the rich chromatic palette of this collection the colors of eternity.

Faithful to its signature, the house expresses the richness of its know-how in the simplicity of the lines, the subtlety of the transparencies, and the sophistication of the airy volumes, while the virtuoso embroidery and sparkling crystals complete the composition of these exceptional gowns, intended to cross trends and years.

To illustrate the collection, photographs unveil portraits from days gone by, when the prints and the care taken in the poses attest to the longevity of love and the strength of commitment.

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