Zuhair Murad 2021 Fall Wedding Dresses

The Fall 2021 bridal collection by Zuhair Murad embodies Marie, Amélie and Elisabeth of Henri Troyat’s saga “Les Semailles Et Les Moissons”.

Marie, finds herself in a classical ball gown with striking patterns of sheaves and elusive embroideries, inspired by the vast and golden meadows of wheat landscapes.

Amelie is a juxtaposition of beauty and fierceness. Primitive, yet surreal, her journey leads her through immense fields of crystal illuminating grains, showered all over her tulle sheath figure hugging dress, mirroring every line.

The fiery and free-spirited Elisabeth, looks into the future through a modern and contemporary aesthetic. Wrapped in distinctive stalks, she embodies an inspiring delicate artwork that is symmetrically drawn over around her strapless ball gown.

All the way of these singular paths, Zuhair Murad employs a dazzling “tour de force” of nuptial splendor in shades of off-white, sandy and pinkish pastel shades along with a divine alchemy of golden rays of sunlight highlighting transparent raptures and swirls of tulle.

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