Zuhair Murad Fall 2022 Wedding Dresses

Dear to women’s hearts and captivating with its radiance, the timeless diamond inspired Zuhair Murad 2022 Fall bridal collection is contemporary and vibrant, luminous with a thousand lights.

Born since the dawn of time, the diamond is the embodiment of love’s beginning, granting fortune to all those who wear it and sparking imagination with its sheer regency.

This Fall-Winter 2022 collection is bewitching in its singular allure, featuring cabochon-cut stones arranged in a multi-faceted scheme for princess-cut skirts in a magnolia-colored silk tulle, topped with a well-fitted corset cinched at the waist, fully embellished by a delicate blend of sparkling crystals in ecru and silver.

The embroidery flirts with its patterns, a medley of sharp angles on the one hand, and a dense crescendo on the other, flaunting the scintillating radiance of the crystal ornaments.

Ethereal and effervescent sugar-lace dresses, incandescent and shimmering with a profound amorous charm, immortalize love with arresting lustrous gemstones.

The bodices feature square and high collars as well as plunging necklines and bustiers, refining the silhouette and magnifying its allure. 

Silk taffeta, draped delicately over the bodice boasting a sweetheart neckline, falls to the floor regally for awe-inspiring glamor. Sequins grace the flawless contours of the sheath gown, enveloped in an aura of Mikado silk, the epitome of seduction.

The lucid and immaculate collection is purposeful in its celebration of the special day. Scroll down to see the full Zuhair Murad 2022 Fall wedding dress collection!

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