zuhair murad wedding dress 2023

Zuhair Murad Fall 2023 Wedding Dresses

For Fall 2023, the Zuhair Murad bride surrenders to the magic of myth, where fairies permeate a fantastical world. Their ethereal wings a frenzy of movement in princely silhouettes, their dust strewn to enchant a collection where the lines between imagination and reality fade.

Grace and delicacy prevail as the blend of materials and exquisite embellishments combine for a charming finish. Finesse is imbued into a draped mikado enfolding the body in a sensual embrace, with meadows of finely hewn dandelions, veiled in beaded lace silhouettes comprising elegant curvatures.

In a single breath, the petals disconnect and float away only to settle on embroidered silk tulle. Diaphanous organza reveals the shoulders for the slightest of enticements. Exalted sensual corsets emerge in exquisite necklines, and waists grow more slender as they are liberated from skirts that inflect between vaporous and voluminous.

The translucent palette combines purity and subtlety in mild shades of ecru and white.

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